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Happy Phoole Year 2013!

Jane the Phoole, Doktor Kaboom, and what's left of The Bristol Renaissance Faire's Tuscany Tavern – Photo by the inimitable Ivan Phillips of course!

2012 was a walloping and difficult year for many Phooligans…however, I hope it heartens you to know that ALL of you helped the Phooliverse have a 2012 jam-packed with amazing accomplishments. CHECK OUT EVERYTHING I DID with your support:

-Published Easy Street
-Sold over 500 copies of Easy Street and shared it far and wide
-Met and got smooched by John Barrowman while being Jane the Phoole
-Performed at, met amazing people, and had brilliant adventures at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Southern California
-Appeared on The Tonight Show while performing at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire
-Performed as part of the Bristol Renaissance Faire's glorious 25th Anniversary Season
-Was heart-explodingly proud of the hundreds of students I had at Bristol who took the principles of Easy Street to heart and Made It Worth It!
-Had the honor of being one of the faces of the Bristol Faire, representing them in commercials, TV interviews, parades, conventions, and giant illuminated billboards spanning interstate highways (!!!)
-Built the Choxie Moxie and wore it to thunderous acclaim
-Performed at the delightful Janesville Renaissance Faire and the charming Stronghold Olde English Faire
-Appeared at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival and had crazy fun times there
-Suddenly decided to leap off the sidelines and try to learn how to DJ
-Because DJ Jeffito and Corey Baumgartner believed in me, I had the opportunity to DJ a full-on rave with gigawatt lasers, glowsticks, Bronies and EVERYTHING
-Because Andy Tang was kind and patient enough to review one of my mixes, I'm growing in confidence, producing more mixes, and playing MOAR DJ GIGS.

Phooligans, I owe you; I admire you; I love you. Thank you for 2012, and together let us OWN 2013!!!

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Languages Needed for “Bad Monkey!”

(Thanks to Michael Partipilo-Morghese for providing me with this excellent picture of many, many monkeys.)

I need SO MANY MORE languages in which to be able to say the phrase "Bad Monkey!" YOU CAN HELP. 

Here is a list of the languages in which I have acquired the phrase so far.

Review the Bad Monkey list, and if you speak one of the languages I don't have, please tell me how to say "Bad Monkey" in that language!

Or, if you know someone who speaks a language I don't have, kindly ask them how to say "Bad Monkey" in their language, get it written down for me in their language if possible, and please provide me with the text and a transliteration if the pronunciation is not terribly obvious!

Here is a list of many of the languages in the world! THERE ARE MORE THAN I THOUGHT. So. Many. Languages. I have very, very few languages from the African continent, so if you can help me tap that vast well of linguistic excitement, I will freak out with how happy and appreciative I am!

My aim is to have 200 languages for "Bad Monkey" by September 3. WE CAN DO THIS, PHOOLIGANS. I believe in the power of our mutual obsession!

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The Bristol Renaissance Faire’s 25th Anniversary Jubilee!

The Bristol Renaissance Faire's 25th Anniversary Jubilee is about to begin!!!  Are you ready? YOU ARE NOW! Click here for all the info! 

Look for your phavorite Phoole at these places and times daily at the Faire:

9:55 a.m.: Above the Front Gate for the Opening of the Gates!

12:00 Noon:  At Wyckham Field (the Joust Arena), where I will be the Royal Arbiter for the Joust of Skill!

12:45 p.m.: Amongst the crowds at the Globe Stage, preparing everyone for the spectacular Arrival of Her Majesty's Royal Progress!

The rest of the day, just ask ABSOLUTELY ANYONE "Where's Jane the Phoole?" and see what happens!

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Here It Is! Jane and the Renaissance Pleasure Faire on THE TONIGHT SHOW

My silliness begins at 3:14 in!

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TONIGHT on The Tonight Show: Jane the Phoole!?!

Photo by Phooligan and Motley Crew Member Paul Karlik!

I had the humbling and extreme honor recently of visiting and performing at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Southern California, currently celebrating their Golden 50th Jubilee Season, and while I was there, a crew from The Tonight Show With Jay Leno rolled up and taped segments with a variety of zesty fabulous characters throughout the Faire, and I got to be in one of the bits!

It's airing tonight, Thursday, May 17, 2012, with the program beginning at 10:35 p.m. CST. (Find your time zone here.) I can only hope their editors were kind and left most of my moment intact! And even if I'm only on briefly, the delicious and brilliant Hugh Laurie is Jay Leno's guest on the show, so at least we'll get to see him! (I like that I, who make a living doing a fake British dialect, get to share screen time on the same program as Hugh, who now draws checks doing a fake American dialect. I LIKE IT!)

I will live-Tweet and live-FaceBook-update the show (my Twitter handle is Phoole, predictably, and my FaceBook page is at, and let's Tumbl it as well, why don't we? That's at One of those platforms should delight most of you, yes?  And if you aren't able to watch the show as it airs tonight, I have little doubt it will be replayed on NBC's site in the near future!

One Thousand Bajillion Thanks to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire for having me visit, letting me represent them, and welcoming me with such warmth and kindness – I miss everyone there tremendously! And I could never have done it without the aid of my Motley Crew Captains for the jaunt, Raymond Hocevar and Paul Karlik, to whom I owe so much.  The moment I get the "Rich" part of "Rich and Famous" in gear, I'm taking my entourage out on the town in unparalleled style.

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Phoole with Jane at the Janesville Renaissance Faire!

Come Phoole with me at the Janesville Renaissance Faire! I will only be there on Sunday, May 20, 2012, but the Faire is open with delights and fun for all on both days this weekend, May 19 and 20, 2012.

Click here for all information about the Faire!  I'll have a handful of copies of my book Easy Street on hand for sale, and I'll have a pen for signing too.  AND I have Phoole Skoole Stage Shows at noon and 3pm!  Let the Phoolery Commence!

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I'm posting this blague from 10,000 feet above the surface of the earth, which is just TOTALLY CRAZY. I'm flying Virgin America for the first time ever, and do you know what? I like it. The Phoole Trunk is in the cargo hold, the Monkey List is freshly updated and rolled, and I'm getting ready to see you at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, California this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., at the Santa Fe Dam Recreational Area. Loads of Phoole Friends are there, including – YES – William Shakespeare (as portrayed by one of the funniest humans EVAR, Jeff McLane, to whom I owe a life debt, and you can ask me about that in person, and I'll warn you ahead of time that it is a macabre-but-uplifting tale of death [!!!] and laughter and superballs and buses and ice cream and then remembering death [!!!] but eventually being okay) and SOUND AND FURY and bunches else besides.  Devoted Phooligans are Flying Out to see this Faire and see me at it, which makes me happier than I can express with words, so I'll just make a little guy flipping a table over with what you must imagine is intense glee:  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  It's the Renaissance Pleasure Faire's 50th Anniversary Jubilee, and if you come and celebrate it with me, we will have MASSIVE FUN TIMES that will go down in legend as some of the Silliest Goofery Ever Enjoyed!


Devoted Blague-peepers, thank you for waiting during the silence while I do all the mad things that make up PhooleLife.  So many things are happening, and all of them are Excellent Good Things – people are buying (and reading!) my book Easy Street, which gives me hope that more and more players and interpreters at more and more events will Build the Bridge and Make It Worth It for everyone. (Secret Special Treat for Blague-Perusers: if you cannot afford my little bookity-boo, or you're on the fence about getting it, email me at, and I will share with you a free PDF, which will fascinate you utterly.) I teach private students all the time, but I'm also returning to the "classroom" and rejoining the faculty of the Bristol Academy of Performing Arts, teaching a core class in Character Creation for participants in the cast of the Bristol Renaissance Faire.  It's going to be so good to be back building larger-than-life people to romp amongst those beautiful old oaks and the gorgeous storied streets of my first and longest-running show, which will celebrate its own 25th Anniversary Jubilee this year!  JUBILEES ALL OVER THE PLACE. So. Many. Jubilees.

Between teaching and WRITING BOOKS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, I've been making clothes.  I have made more clothes this year than I've ever made before, EVER. Too many clothes? Perhaps.  If you are one of my clients, perhaps you are saying, "Not enough clothes," because I'm definitely way behind on commissions.  I'm booked for commissions, quite seriously, for the rest of forever.  Which is to say, I believe I have reached the end of the time in my life when I accept commissions for clothing.  Eegh, I hate saying final-sounding things like that! But here is the thing:  I'm teaching people to make clothes.  Now, when I get an offer for a commission, I explain, "This will cost you ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  But if you work on it with me – if you and I make the clothes together, and you learn All Of the Things, you demonstrate to me that you Really Want to Look Good, and we both derive a Measure of Satisfaction." This means I do Much Less Sewing, because most people prefer to just imagine that the clothes appear magically after being built by singing woodland creatures.  I also prefer to imagine this, even though I know it is not true. (I have started to read articles about quantum physics, and the whole "there are infinite versions of everyone and everywhere and everywhen" makes me pretty hyper.)

And while I'm thinking about quantum physics (a subject on which I know PRECIOUS LITTLE, but it's Extremely Exciting, and I'm thinking of acquiring More Knowledges about it), yesterday I mentioned to my hurrrrsband, MBTC, that I was reading articles about quantum physics, and that one of the articles touched on the idea that there are infinite versions of everything all the time, and MBTC seized on that thread and gave me quite a talking-to.

"Do the other infinite versions of you doubt themselves?"

I blinked at him. (Plink-plink.)

He asked again, "Do the other versions of you have crippling self-doubt, the way you do sometimes?"

I shrugged hard.  "Possibly."

He smiled.  "Let 'em.  Let THEM have the self-doubt.  You don't need it.  Let it go.  Can you let it go more easily if you consider that there are potentially billions of versions of you that are busy with that?"

I just stared at him, and then I stared somewhere else, because it was too intense. 

"Close your mouth," he gently reminded me. I did.  

MBTC is always very good at helping me find my way out of little pits of despair, but this metaphor totally won for all time.  The timing was serendipity-doo-dah, because, while I'm extremely confident during face-to-face teaching and interaction, the times in-between, when I'm not With the Audience, feel a bit like a constant gaze into the Total Perspective Vortex, where I'm not certain I make an impact or do anything useful for peoplez. You know, that whole thing. 

Since we had that skeleton-rattling chat yesterday, I've thought about it every time I've had the urge to indulge in insecurity and doubt, and it's an appealing little distraction that keeps me hurtling confidently along. WELL PLAYED, MBTC. Perhaps I will make More Art and Writing and stuff if I can simply delegate the fretting to my quantum doppelgangers. Let It Be Tried!

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C2E2 2012: Smile-Mask Smooch from JOHN BARROWMAN!

Check out the crazy-ness from C2E2 2012 on my FaceBook!

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First Edition of EASY STREET is Here!

I wrote a book!  It has a cover and pages andeverything! And it has a pithy blurb by - NO I CAN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER - bestselling author and mega-genius-understander-of-humanity Christopher Moore, author of FOOL and LAMB! DIG IT!!!

It's called Easy Street:  A Guide for Players in Improvised Interactive Environmental Performance, Walkaround Entertainment, and First-Person Historical Interpretation.  It's about the Fine Art of Walking Around Talking to People, stuffed with crackly anecdotes of my madcap escapades.  

It's for everyone:

  • Renaissance Faire performers
  • Wild West Show performers
  • Haunted Village performers
  • Interactive theater performers
  • First-Person Historical Interpreters
  • Tour Guides
  • Customer service providers
  • People who talk to other people
  • People who would like to talk to other people but just don't know how
  • Just anyone at all!

It teaches you how to do amazing things:

  • Include your event's patrons in the action and adventure of your event and your character's life!
  • Elevate your event's patrons to high social status!
  • Build the Bridge between patrons' worlds and the world of your event!
  • Make It Worth It for yourself, for your event's patrons or customers, and for your event's coordinators or your clients!

In Easy Street, I give away all of my secrets.  Okay, most of my secrets.  What secrets? I so do not even have any of those.  I don't have the attention span for secrets.  The fact that I managed to not blurt to the ENTIRE WORLD that Chris Moore had written my blurb should amaze you utterly.

What an awesome guy he is, by the way.  He has a new book coming out April 3, 2012 calledSacré Bleu: A Comedy d'Art, that's ALSO going to freak you out in the best way. You should definitely go to Chris Moore's FaceBook page and click the "Like" button right this very second. 

I hope Easy Street helps you rock out in whatever you're doing. It's currently available in paperback, ePub and Kindle (PDF) formats!  Eventually all versions will make their way to Amazon and other monster retailers – and maybe your local bookstore will order in a few copies if you drop in and spend money there and make suggestions and stuff!

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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